Briefly describe the concept of status
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Sources must be cited in APA format. Your response should be four (4) double-spaced pages.

Part A

Respond to the items below.

1. Briefly describe the concept of status.

2. Describe the global implications that status has for an international manager in Western culture, with two (2) original examples.

3. Describe the global implications that status has for an international manager in Eastern culture, with two (2) original examples.

Part B

Respond to the items below.

1. Briefly describe four (4) of the barriers to effective communication, and provide one (1) original example of each.

2. Provide one (1) original workplace example for each of the following communication situations: oral communication in downward flowing direction; written communication in upward flowing direction; and non-verbal communication in lateral flowing direction.


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Status can be defined as a social system which basically includes designated rights and obligations of an individual and it is mandatory that each and every person in a society possess multiple statuses and each of those statuses must have an associated role. Generally, there are two types of status namely ascribed status and achieved status in which ascribed status can be defined as the status which is provided since the time of birth such as age, sex, caste and race. On the other hand, achieved status can be defined as a social position held by an individual in a society as an output of his personal accomplishments such as property, achievements, occupation, political power and marital relations.

Global Implications that status has for An International Manager in Western Culture
An international manager is a synonym for a supreme manager who looks after the global operations of a company in an efficient manner. In this regard, some of the global implications that status has for an international manager in western culture may include that the relationship of individuals should be family centric as people who follow western culture tends to be mean and the self is given more priority over the family and friends.

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