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Project- bank risk type and trend

For this phase of the course project, you will research a bank to use as the subject of your project. The bank that you select should be a publicly traded bank, which means it will be traded on one of the stock exchanges such as NASDAQ or NYSE.

Once you have chosen your publicly traded bank, you will write the introduction to your plan. Be sure to address the following in your introduction:

• Briefly describe the bank, its product and service offerings, and components of your plan.

• What are the strategic, operational, finance, and compliance risks associated with your bank and the banking industry in general?

Write the introduction to the risk management plan exploring the risks types and risk trends associated with the banking industry with a particular emphasis on a publicly traded bank. Examples: Wells Fargo Bank, Citigroup, or Bank of America.

Write 1 - 2 paragraphs that introduce the topics below:

• Risk Types

• Risk Trends

• Risk Mitigation

• Credit Risk

• Lending Practices

• Capitalization and Solvency.

Reference no: EM13973272

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