Briefly describe stratified sampling

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1. Briefly describe stratified sampling and how it is different from simple random sampling. Clearly explain why market researchers generally prefer to do stratified sampling if possible. Use a realistic example as an illustration (do not use the example from the videos).

2. What is the most important difference between interval and ratio scales? Provide an example of an interval scale and also of a ratio scale that could be used in a market research study (do not use the examples from the videos). Explain clearly why a rank order scale like the following could not be considered an interval scale:

“Rank the following five Kellogg’s cereals in order of preference, where 1 is your most preferred and 5 is your least preferred: Corn Flakes, Rice Krispies, Special K, Froot Loops, Raisin Bran.”

Reference no: EM132233778

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Discuss the relative advantages and disadvantages of using futures versus forward contracts for hedging purposes. Differentiate OD from other organization wide initiatives and

Briefly describe autocorrelation in time series data

Briefly describe autocorrelation in time series data. Why is time-series analysis important? Briefly describe how Winters' model differs from Holt's model and simple exponenti

Interpreting management reports-responsibility centers

Wood4Fun makes wooden playground equipment for the institutional and consumer markets. The company strives for low-cost, high-quality production because it operates in a highl

Human resource planning process is best illustrated

Which one of the five steps in the human resource planning process is best illustrated in the article? Â Explain how you know.? Which one of the common employee training and d


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