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Question: Blog Post (three images with written proposal, target 300-400 words)

Objective: We've learned that stories have a beginning, a middle and an end. Your objective with this Blog project is to develop and propose an original short film story told in three scenes, using three images with written proposal.

Procedure: 1. Develop a short film story that can be told in three scenes (a beginning, a middle, and an end). By "short" film, envision your filmed work running anywhere between 1 to 11 minutes in length.

2. Shoot/create three (3) still images, one image clearly representing each of the three scenes. You can shoot images with your smartphone or create (drawing, digital, or found image), but the images should clearly support your vision/approach for the representative scenes.

3. Insert the three images within your Blog post so that we can see them without needing to "click to open" the image. See directions below: "How to insert an image in your Blog Post"

4. Important: you're not filming the short. You are only shooting/creating three images to represent the three scenes.

For the written portion of your Blog Post, briefly describe the story you propose, include the following:

1. Narrative: Who are the main characters? What's driving the story (goal and obstacles)? What happens in each scene, as represented by the inserted image? Clearly describe the narrative: beginning, middle, and end.

2. Mise-en-scene: Briefly describe key details of the design and composition (framing and kinesis) within each scene.

3. Cinematography: Briefly propose your choices for types of shots, framing, use of space -- including deep space composition - camera angle.

4. Theme - including visual theme, motifs and implicit meaning.

5. Do not include any editing details (e.g. "we fade in on..." or "match cut to:")

6. Important: this is your opportunity to propose/justify your story vision from which a peer will propose an Editing Plan for your work (see Part 2)

(target 300-400 words; no penalty for going over, but keep your work close to the target)

Reference no: EM132184961

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