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Read the Call-of-the-Question carefully, and follow the instructions for each subject. Prepare four Briefing Papers using the APA Format for Research Papers.

Briefing Paper 1: Critical Legal Thinking Instructions: Read Bank of America, N. A. v. Barr - Cheeseman text page 293-294

Respond to the three Case Questions found in Cheeseman Text page 294 Brief the facts of the case and assume your boss is seeking your opinions as noted in the Critical Legal Thinking, Ethics, and Contemporary Business questions. Argue both sides of all issues.

Briefing Paper 2: Law Case with Answers Instructions: Read Creative Resource Management, Inc. v. Soskin - Cheeseman text page 324 Brief the facts of the case and assume your boss is seeking your opinions the effects of Mr. Soskin''s signature and what other facts could make him personally liable for the debt of the LLC. Argue both sides of the issue.

Briefing Paper 3: Critical Legal Thinking Cases Instructions: Read Sections 14.5 Liability of General Partners - (p. 307); 15.6 Liability of Members - (p. 326); 14.6 Liability of Limited Partners - (p. 307); and Limited Liability Company- (p. 325) Check the decisions of the highest appellate courts, if a case is cited, for each fact pattern.

Brief the facts of the cases and assume your boss is seeking your opinions on whether each of the four subjects affect business in the United States and if so, provide the worst and best case scenarios.

Briefing Paper 4: Ethics Case Instructions: Read Section 14.9 Ethics - Cheeseman text page 308 Brief the facts of the case and assume your boss is seeking your opinions on the three questions found at the end of Section 11.9. Argue both sides of all issues.

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Reference no: EM13839753

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