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Briefing Paper 1:

Critical Legal Thinking Instructions: Read Burlarley v. Walmart Stores, Inc. - Cheeseman text pages 386-387. Respond to the three Case Questions found in Cheeseman Text page 387. Brief the facts of the case and assume your boss is seeking your opinions as noted in the Critical Legal Thinking, Ethics, and Contemporary Business questions. Argue both sides of all issues.

Briefing Paper 2: Law Case with Answers Instructions: Read Dessert Cab, Inc. v. Marino - Cheeseman text page 395. Brief the facts of the case and assume your boss is seeking your opinions on the "work related test" of Agency. Provide convincing arguments for both sides of your recommendations.

Briefing Paper 3: Critical Legal Thinking Cases Instructions: Read Sections 19.7 Sex Discrimination (p. 419); 20.6 Workers' Compensation (p. 434); 20.5 Unemployment Benefits (p. 434); 21.3 Plant Closing (p. 448); and Family and Medical Leave Act (p. 430).

Check the decisions of the highest appellate courts, if a case is cited, for each fact pattern. Brief the facts of the case and assume your boss is seeking your opinions on whether each of the subjects affect business in the United States and if so, provide the worst and best case scenarios.

Briefing Paper 4: Ethics Case Instructions: Read Section 20.8 Ethics - Cheeseman text page 435 Brief the facts of the case and assume your boss is seeking your opinions on the 3 questions found at the end of Section 20.8. Argue both sides of all issues.

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Reference no: EM13850555

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