Brief synopsis of a study proposal''s hypothesis
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The Final Research Study Proposal, due at the conclusion of this week, will include the information below using the bold font headings. Note that three elements have been added. For the Week 4 Research Proposal Draft, you developed an introduction, literature review and statement of the hypothesis your proposed research would test. This week's Final Research Study Proposal assignment will include those elements, revised to correct any errors you were notified about in Research Study Proposal Draft grading feedback, and the additions of an abstract, to be placed at the beginning of the proposal and a Methodology section at the end.

Be sure to carefully attend to the grading feedback you received for your Research Study Proposal Draft and make corrections using it.

Resubmitting it without any revision as part of the Final Study Proposal will result in the same points being deducted again, something you don't want to have happen when.


A very brief synopsis of a study proposal's hypothesis and methodology


Brief background information description of what areas of interest related to your proposal topic have been previously researched and what has been learned by those studies

Significance of knowledge to the field

Literature Review

Previous related research of others (6 Studies)

Interrelated findings of previously published studies and questions they pose


Based on your literature review of the published research of other researchers (hypotheses are "educated guesses," a prediction to be tested via the gathering and analysis of scientific data -- as such it must be based on understanding of an issue gleaned from review of already published information about it)

Stated as "This study will test the hypothesis __________________"


Participants - persons from whom study data would be gathered
Measures - surveys, questionnaires, observations, case studies, etc. to be used to gather study data

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