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Assignment: Culturally Diverse Individuals Are Effective Workers

Suppose you work as a human resource (HR) executive at Total Solutions, Inc., a culturally and geographically diverse organization. A recent government study on human statistics indicates that colleagues who share culturally similar backgrounds perform more efficiently and effectively on the job. These study findings, however, appear contrary to the basic research on the value of diverse workforces. John, the vice president of HR has read extensively about this study. He meets with senior management to discuss if the concept can be implemented at Total Solutions, Inc. The senior management reviews the study and decides to execute the process in one office before a policy decision is made.

John decides that the process should be piloted in the new HR office being set up in Atlanta. He receives the board's permission to apply the concept in the new office. He needs to relocate five employees from the headquarters in New York to the Atlanta office. John obtains the list of employees based in the New York office. The list has a brief profile of the employees. John asks you to help him analyze the profiles and present your recommendations as to who are the best five employees for the Atlanta assignment.

Present your analysis to John in the form of a 2- to 3 page report in Microsoft Word following APA format. Make sure you provide a clear recommendation of which five employees should be selected for the Atlanta assignment and that you apply the basic concepts of diversity in your selection process. Provide rationale for your selection based on your examination of the evidence and references to at least three authoritative sources from the Argosy library or the Internet.

Reference no: EM131342557

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