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Pick a country in Central or South America to open a business (student choice for type of business and country). Give a brief overview of the business, why you chose the business and why you choose the Country. Prepare an expatriate manager for his/her task of setting up the facility in that Country. Discuss the various cultural implications. Special attention should be paid to legal issues, cross-cultural management of employees, con?ict resolution, politics, and the in?uence of religion in the workplace.
As with all assignment responses, provide a title page with your name, course, school, and date one it. Provide in-text citations and references compliant with APA. Your content has to provide between 850 words, using double-spaced Times New Roman font. You should include headings, topic sentences, APA references, and the inclusion of the weekly learning/reading. Please include the text and a minimum of two outside resources. Please look at sample paper as a guide for all assignments.

SOURCE- Moran, R.T., Remington-Abramson, N., and Moran, S.V. (2014). Managing cultural differences (9th ed.). New York, NY: Routledge. ISBN 978-0-415-71735-9.

Reference no: EM13863753

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