Brief history of christianity and interest

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The Bible prohibits usury (Lev. 25). It is one reason the Catholic Church forbid banking to Christians for 1,000 years. However debt and the paying of interest is very common now. Is borrowing Biblically forbidden? What is the brief history of Christianity and interest, borrowing and banking in general? Should Christians lend or borrow?

Reference no: EM131348607

Worry about tomorrow because we are to focus

Jesus told us not to worry about tomorrow because we are to focus on today and we are not promised tomorrow. (Mt. 6:34) Does this mean we should spend as much as we want and

Prepare a strategy report for the chief executive office

Prepare a strategy report for the Chief Executive Office and Chief Information Officer which suggests digital innovation to validate or invalidate the trend - discuss the as

Total number of residents

In a given year in the United States, the total number of residents is 150 million, the number of residents under the age of 16 is 38 million, the number of institutionalize

Medical etiquette standards and ethics

1. We have read about medical etiquette standards and ethics. What is the difference between medical etiquette and ethics? Provide examples and explain why it is necessary t

Discuss structural-cyclical-frictional-natural unemployment

Discuss structural, cyclical, frictional, and natural unemployment. What fiscal and monetary policies are appropriate to fight unemployment? What type of unemployment will b

Dollar appreciated or depreciated in value relative to yen

Let the exchange rate be defined as the number of dollars per Japanese yen. Assume that there is a decrease in U.S. interest rates relative to that of Japan. (Part A) Would

Level of government involvement

(Part A) Evaluate the fundamental arguments between Keynesians and Monetarists concerning the level of government involvement in our economy to minimize the impact and stabi

Unreliable indicator of the standard of living

Question 1: Explain why real GDP might be an unreliable indicator of the standard of living. Question 2: Why does unemployment arise and what makes some unemployment unavoidab


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