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Brief Boxle v. United States.  Use Chapter One, Appendix, Reading and Briefing Cases for reference.   In your brief, you should include the following information: 

  • the Parties (Who is the plaintiff?  The defendant?  The appellant?  The appellee?)
  •  the History of the case (Who won at trial court?  Who won at the lower appellate level?  Who won in this decision?)
  • the Facts (What happened that caused the plaintiff to sue?)
  • the Plaintiff's Theory (Why he thinks he is right)
  • the Defendant's Theory (Why she thinks she is right)
  • the Legal Issue (a yes or no question)
  • the Holding of the Court (Yes or no--answers the legal issue). 
  • The Reasoning of the Court (i.e.:  what facts and laws did the court rely on to decide the case; why the case was decided in the winner's favor; why did the other side lose)

What do you think?  Was this case decided correctly?  Why or why not? (Study tip: For the mid-term, remember that the issue is the question the court answered; the holding is the answer to that question.)

Reference no: EM13862879

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