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On the Edge: Brians Franchise

Brian owns a large franchise chain of small indoor farms that grow marijuana in the United States. Having become expert in breeding and raising potent sinsemilla marijuana plants indoors while in college, he decided after college to sell his expertise to others. He found several local partners whom he provided with the necessary equipment, marijuana plants, instructions for growing them indoors, and regular consultations. In return, partners gave him a percentage of the profits from each crop. Brian modeled his business on other franchises such as McDonalds. Although the federal government spends as much as $ 2 billion annually on antimarijuana efforts, marijuana is now a major industry in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Reports have suggested it is Northern Californias largest cash crop. A 2004 study by the Canadian Fraser Institute estimated that at $ 7 billion, marijuana was the second- largest industry in British Columbia, a profitable business with a good rate of return. The high profits are related to the fact that its illegal nature limits supply. The indoor farms allow growers to evade detection while maintaining controlled temperatures that allow multiple harvests. Because of its economic importance, local governments in British Columbia and Northern California discourage police efforts to pursue marijuana growers. One California county supervisor stated: Some responsible businessmen think the marijuna industry is very important to the economy; you know: people who sell cars, hardware, fencing, and garden tools. Brians efforts have been aided by the large international trade in seeds, supplies, and processed marijuana.

1. In your view, should government prohibit economic activities like growing and selling marijuana? What ideology does your view imply?

Reference no: EM13523109

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