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1. At the end of the Yum! Brands case study, David Novak was "looking ahead" and saw several avenues:

a) increase Yum!'s presence on the international market

b) diversifying the multibrand strategy to better fit international markets

c) overseas expansion by purchasing a local brand.

Compare and contrast the pros and cons of each of these strategies AND which one most closely resembles strategies of the Good to Great principles?

2. At the end of the Cargill case study, there were several lingering questions on Warren Staley's mind. If you were in Warren's shoes, how would you respond to the following:

Was the chosen strategy still appropriate for this new environment?

How might Cargill take advantage of the various acquisition opportunities?

Could Cargill continue to fund this ambitious intent?

Were there missing parts to the strategy that would impede attaining the goals envisioned?

3. Briefly describe the audit evidence the auditor should gather to support each of the following:

a) Ownership of fixed assets

b) All shipments to customers are invoiced

c) Physical existence of inventory

d) Purchases are made only from authorized vendors

Reference no: EM132184516

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