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Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to assess through research students' capacity to provide an informed consumer behaviour analysis of a contemporary consumer brand.

Description: Students apply critical thinking and problem solving in relating consumer behaviour theory to the actions of a consumer brand. The 'Brand Analysis' offers the opportunity for students to tap into different aspects of the concepts and theories covered on an applied basis to develop a deeper understanding of key areas of consumer behaviour. Students effectively communicate in writing the relevance of applied consumer behaviour theory to a brand's marketing communication.

Assessment requirements:

The group is required to choose a single brand within a specific product category about which students can find and collect brand-related information (e.g. advertisements. news/business articles, websites). After careful analysis of the brand's current marketing communication. students must then describe the areas in which the use of three consumer behaviour theories / concepts have been applied to the group's chosen brand. Students must identify how the firm marketing the chosen brand is attempting to influence, modify or impact the consumers' behaviour using specific consumer behaviour theory. Students must reinforce their discussion with clear evidence (i.e. scholarly articles) that supports and explains the relevance of consumer behaviour theory within the brand information that has been collected. Examples of brand communication can either be embedded into the discussion as figures or placed in an appendix. A minimum of five scholarly marketing journal articles should be included in your discussion.

Report development:

The group must do two things in order to successfully complete the report. First, the group must become familiar with the various consumer behaviour concepts covered in the course. The group must be able to read about the actions of a particular brand and recognise when these actions illustrate the use of a consumer behaviour concept. Second, the group must do extensive research and analysis into the brand.

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Reference no: EM13185635

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