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Consider ideas for your senior project, and then use a prewriting/brainstorming technique to narrow down the ideas. Remember that using your ideas for your senior design project is beneficial, but not required. If you are not using your senior design project idea, consider using a previous co-op project or a realisticand reasonable made-up idea.

Use one of the prewriting/brainstorming methods detailed in chapter 2, pages 33-35, of Technical Communication: Process and Product. Once you believe your ideas are narrowed, and you have one solid idea, compose a memo that details your idea (AW1.1). Your final idea should be submitted in the form of a memo addressed to me detailing your process.

This assignment will help you (1) begin developing your course project, (2) begin thinking and planning for your senior project and (3) apply the week one readings. Be sure to use headings and correct paragraph structure.

In evaluating your memo, I will be looking for correct memo formatting and layout. However, the prewriting technique can be handwritten and informal. Attach your prewriting/brainstorming to the end of your memo file.Upload this assignment as a Word document. Do NOT submit any assignment as PDFs. Deliverables: 1 page memo: Senior Project Idea and 1 page Prewriting/Brainstorming.*Note: You will not complete the actual project during this course, rather use the idea is to complete associated reports.

Reference no: EM131400102

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