Book value and book value weight of teslas three bonds

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Using the information on FINRA, how would you find the book value and book value weight of Tesla's 3 bonds?

Maturity 3/1/21 Coupon Rate 1.250% Last Trade Price $98.19 Offering Date 5/16/2013   Amount Outstanding $1,380,000 Payment Frequency Semi Annual

Maturity 3/1/19 Coupon Rate .250% Last Trade Price $99.11 Offering Date 2/2/14   Amount Outstanding  $920,000 Payment Frequency Semi Annual

Maturity 6/1/18 Coupon Rate 1.5% Last Trade Price $215.00 Offering Date 5/16/2013   Amount Outstanding $660,000 Payment Frequency Semi Annual

Reference no: EM131450219

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