Body mass index based on her pre-pregnancy weight
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Sadie is a 37 year old teacher in her 20th week of pregnancy. she is 68 inches tall and weighs 195 pounds. her pre pregnancy weight was 180 pounds. She gained 50 pounds with her first pregnancy two years ago. Her doctor has recommended that she limit her weight gain this pregnancy. She likes to swim but has not been exercising regularly since she found out she was pregnant. She has had morning sickness through much of this pregnancy and says that she feels better when she eats starchy foods such as bread, potato chips, and pasta. She complains of recent problems with constipation and is seeking ways to relieve this discomfort.

1. Calculate sadies body mass index based on her pre-pregnancy weight. How much weight is sadie recommended to gain during her pregnancy? Using chart in figure 15-6 evaluate sadies weight gain at this point in her pregnancy. How does it compare to what is recommended?

2. What medical complications of pregnancy are associated with being overweight or obese? Describe risks for the mother and the infant.

3. What would you tell sadie about benefits of water exercises during pregnancy. Explain

4. Based on information on table 15-3 which conditions contribute to her having a high risk pregnancy? Explain how these conditions may affect the outcome of her pregnancy.

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