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Jerry Lucas is the Division Director. As Branch Chief. Bob Sanford reports to Lucas. Bob Sanford has four section chiefs reporting into him. Bob Sanford is technically competent with extensive experience in solid rocket propulsion, being regarded to be the best expert in this field. He is highly dedicated to work, but inexperienced in managing technical people, as he has been on the job for only two years. Sanford handles his subordinates quite roughly. He reversed section chief’s decision without prior consultation with them. He demands that no information or data be transmitted to persons outside the group without his knowledge and concurrence. He would also bypass his section chiefs to go directly to people and encourage them to come to him directly with problems. Rumors have it that he places spies or informants within the group. As expected, he delegates no decision -making authority to his section chiefs and regards his section chiefs to be technically incompetent. He creates an atmosphere of fear and suspicion with low group morale. Bob Sanford does not report to Jerry Lucas candidly on project progress and on difficulties encountered. He does not understand his own responsibility of building team -work, enhance group morale and create employee satisfaction, while achieving the goals of his group. He is lacking the skills and willingness of resolving conflicts within the group. Finally, the section chiefs as a group went in to see Jerry Lucas, complaining about the lack of authority and the oppressive atmosphere in the section. What should Jerry Lucas do?

Reference no: EM132280523

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