Board measure calculations-use dressed dimensions of lumber

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1. Board measure calculations ____ use the dressed dimensionsof the lumber.
a. occasionally
b. usually
c. always
d. never

2. When non-standard size bricks or blocks are used, sometimes an estimator needs to calculate a conversion factor to arrive at a number of bricks per square foot. Which of the following is not a revelant in calculating the conversion?
a. brick length
b. brick thickness
c. brick height
d. mortar joint size

3. Based on the terminology used for soft wood lumber grades, which of the following is not one of the grades available in the light-framing lumber class?
a. construction
b. standard
c. select
d. utility

4. Your reading material states that mortar factors could be increased by as much as ___ % to allow for spillage, waste, mortar left to bulge fron the joints, and mortar squeezed into the voids in the bricks.

5. When measuring rough carpentry, no deduction are made for openings less than ___ square feet.
a. 10
b. 20
c. 30
d. 40 

Reference no: EM13190646

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