Blood vessel bifurcates into two smaller vessels

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Question: Determine when a blood vessel bifurcates (splits) into two smaller vessels, the radii of the two smaller vessels add up to a larger cumulative radius than the radius of the original vessel. However, blood flow is slower in the two vessels than in the original. Why?

Reference no: EM1387844

Metabolic conversions cannot occur without biotin

Avidin, a protein in egg whites, binds biotin very tightly and prevents its absorption in the intestine. Consumption of large amounts of raw eggs can result in a biotin defi

How will this affect natural selection of the grasshoppers

A population of grasshoppers in the Kansas prairie has two color phenotypes, green and brown. Typically, the prairie receives adequate water to maintain healthy, green grass

Create diagram for the molecular structure of phospholipid

Draw a diagram that represents the molecular structure of a phospholipid.  Be sure to show any part of the molecule that might be charged. Describe 2 ways in which the molecul

How the information gleaned will support your career

Explain your proposed approach for conducting research necessary to develop quality deliverables and explain how the information gleaned will support your career development

Hypothesis of early microorganisms

Justify the hypothesis of early microorganisms were chemolithotroph and why phototrophic organisms that came after had pigments that absorbed maximally at UV and IR radiation

What role does listening play in the inhaling process

Bridges Not Walls utilize the metaphor of inhaling and exhaling to explore interpersonal communication. Applying material from the various essays, explore the 2 concepts and e

What would an ascus from this cross look like

In examining a large sample of yeast colonies on a petri dish, a geneticist finds an abnormal-looking colony that is very small. This small colony was crossed with wild type

What are the drawbacks of using the enterotube system

1.The Enterotube quickly and conveniently performs a series of twelve different biochemical test. The test Eschericia Coli needs to be researched and describe the procedure


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