Big role of data in health informatics
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Big role of data in health informatics.

Researched paper through articles, journal and more material and prove or show new thing after researching most related material.

References an all. That should be compare with other publish papers in the field.

You specially can write or researched on these key points.

• Big data analytics - pattern recognition.
• How results are presented.
• Big data in health - how data are used, barriers and opportunities.
• The future.What you think about it?

As much as informations but that should be accurate and researched based so can be compare to other publish papers and found new info.
If you just do the key points I sent you would be better. Other part I am doing it because not enough time.


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Introduction of Data in health informatics
“Computerization of health information to optimize and support is the health Informatics (1) Health services Administration; (2) Care: clinical; (3) research: medical; (4) teaching. It is the request of communication and computing technologies to optimize information regarding health processing by effective retrieval, storage and collection (in due place and time), decision and analysis support for educators, administrators, researchers and clinicians of medicine.

To start with what is informatics and particularly what is health informatics. Though the history of health informatics can be seen from 1970s, and in 1980 the interest was increased. Health informatics also called as healthcare informatics, and it is matched by related fields that have focus area overlapping.

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