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Using Berit Brogaard's book "on romantic love", the homework is to: Create a survey or study, testing for prototypes of love, modeled on the one in Chapter 7, on in-between cases of love. You may use movie clips, movie title, famous love quotes, short descriptions of relationships or anything else you can think of. Then survey at least 10 of your friends, classmates or family members. There is no required number of questions. When you hand in the assignment, include a Purpose section (what is the purpose of the study?), a Methods section (what did you do?), a Results section (which results did you get?) and a Discussion section (what can we learn from your results?)

This is too confusing because I don't have a clear definition of what prototypes of love are and what exactly and am I making a survey of questions out of?

Reference no: EM131120004

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