Benfits of using youtube for the socal website

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Please research the benfits of using Youtube for the SoCal website. is there a different set-up a branded channel? Create a powerpoint with the set-up and benefits of using YouTube.

Reference no: EM13729649

What is the break-even point in dollars for proposal

Tom Johnson Manufacturing intends to increase capacity through the addition of new equipment. Two vendors have presented proposals. The fixed costs for proposal A are $50,000,

How company has managed the brand''s product life cycle

Think about a branded product (e.g., Ivory soap, Crayola crayons, Chiquita bananas). Research the brand and analyze how the company has managed the brand's product life cycl

Used for breaking the chains of disease transmission

Discuss the known methods used for breaking the chains of disease transmission. Propose a way to educate the general public on their role in preventing disease transmission.

Which factors will impact scott web services

Scott Web Services has decided to go international with their new anti-spam software. Using the International Marketing Task model shown in the text, discuss in detail, whi

Learned about marketing in course

Describe the three (3) most important concepts you have learned about marketing in this course. Explain why these concepts will be useful to you in your current or future po

Analyse one advertisement to a luxury resort

You select a campaign that deals with holidays and then analyse one advertisement to a luxury resort using the ideas of social status and the ways the campaign seeks to attr

Discusses the environmental forces

Question 1:  Chapter 3 discusses the environmental forces that affect the success of a product.  Select a product.  Tell me the name of the product - be specific by using a br

Explain description of business models

Explain Description of business models and Imagine that you are a consultant for a start-up website company that collects information and resources on health and fitness


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