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Virginia Bikes Case Study

In 1985 Josh Miller took $6,000 of his savings, borrowed another $4,000 from his best friend, and opened a bike rental business in Vienna, VA. The rental shop is adjacent to the Washington & Old Dominion Trail (W&OD) that goes from Purcellville to Old Town Alexandria (45 miles), connects to the Mt Vernon Trail (18 miles) and ends at George Washington's Mt Vernon Estate. Josh, bought 10 bikes for his first store. The location has parking, and is near the historic Vienna Inn and a number of food and drink establishments. He has since opened stores in Old Town Alexandria and Reston, VA, where he sells, rents and repairs bicycles.


1. Analyze the Virginia Bikes business using Porter's Five Forces Analysis

2. Identify which of Porter's Generic Strategies is most appropriate to Virginia Bikes and explain why you selected it in light of your Five Forces Analysis.

3. List and briefly explain three specific quantifiable (measurable) business benefits that Virginia Bikes would get from using a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. Your explanations should include references to the Virginia Bikes business in the case study.

4. Josh has decided to implement a cloud-based SaaS solution to improve the bike repair process for his business. Identify one important activity that Josh would need to do during each of the following phases of the system development life cycle to implement his solution (an example answer is provided for the Programming phase):

a. Planning:
b. Analysis and Design:
c. Programming: Since the system has already been developed by the SaaS vendor, Josh is not required to take any action regarding the Programming Phase.
d. Configuration:
e. Testing:
f. Implementation and Use:

5. Josh would like to increase repair work and rentals as they are the highest profit aspects of his business. He wants to analyze the data he will be collecting in his new information system to help him do this. Identify three questions that Josh would want answers to in order to determine ways to increase repairs and rentals. Then, identify what information Josh would need to answer each question. Finally, explain how that information and the answers to the questions would help Josh increase repair work and rentals.

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Reference no: EM13853142

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