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Orion is a business software firm based in Atlanta that employs over 400 people. Orion has traditionally provided legislatively required benefits for its employees including Social Security, workers' compensation, and unemployment insurance. In addition, Orion offers employees health and dental insurance. Orion employees work Monday through Friday on a 9 to 5 schedule. Orion's top executives are considering the idea of adding a flexible benefits plan and implementing a flexible work schedule. Which of the following, if true, best supports Orion's decision to offer flextime to its employees?

a. Orion's single-parent employees are frequently late when arriving to work.

b. Orion allows some of its employees to telecommute at least one day each week.

c. Many Orion employees must conduct business while traveling to different locations.

d. Orion employs a large number of part-time employees, most of whom are near retirement age.

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