Benefits of using wds over traditional imaging process

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1. What are the benefits of using WDS over traditional imaging process? What are the requirements for implementing WDS?

2. You are asked to implement a WSUS infrastructure. What are some considerations or requirements you will need to take into account before you deploy WSUS?

3. You are the administrator for a mid-sized company that uses Windows 2003 and Windows Server 2008 domain controllers. Your plan is eventually upgrade all domain controllers to Windows Server 2012. The five sites you have are not fully routed and therefore there have been some problems with regard to replicating Active Directory data. You know your budget will not allow you to add additional links or purchase additional equipment. What can you do to improve the efficiency of replications within in your network?

4. All the new designs for the 2011 model year have been approved from the design department, and these files need to be moved to a new domain in the prototyping division. To make the active directory more intuitive, all designs are stored in folders under the control of the Designers Organizational Unit. Permission for most of the designs are set at the OU level, although some files also have individual user permissions set. When you move the designs to the prototyping division, they will be stored in the Prototyping Organizational Unit. All the prototype workers have permission for the Prototyping Organizational Unit and must be able to access all the designs immediately after the move is made. You move the files and check one to make sure the files inherited permissions of the destination OU. All appears to be well with the move, so you turn of your cell phone and go to lunch, confident in the fact that permissions were inherited.

Q: Why can't the prototyping department open all of the newly files?

Reference no: EM131102536

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