Benefits of methodology for handling criteria creep

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Recall that "criteria creep" is the process of refining evaluation requirements as the industry gains experience with them, making the evaluation criteria something of a moving target. This issue is not confined to the TCSEC, but rather is a problem universal to all evaluation technologies. Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of the CC methodology for handling criteria creep.

Reference no: EM131310180

What are the values of doing formal evaluation

The issue of binding assurance requirements to functional requirements versus treating them as mutually exclusive sets has been debated over the years. Which approach do you

Can hdm and gypsy be used interchangeably

Contrast the goals of the Gypsy Verification Environment with those of HDM. In particular, when is using HDM appropriate, and when is using Gypsy appropriate? Can HDM and Gy

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In the NRL classification scheme for the "time of introduction" axis, must the development phase precede the maintenance and operation phases, and must the maintenance phase

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Comprehensive sanitization, in which all data is analyzed and sanitized as in information-tracking and format sanitizationDiscuss the level of anonymity of each level of sani

Determine if a vulnerability is malicious or nonmalicious

In the NRL classification scheme for the "genesis" axis, can the classes "Trojan horse" and "covert channel" overlap? Justify your answer. If your answer is yes, describe a

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In the example of deriving required logging information for the Chinese Wall model, it is stated that the time must be logged. Why? Can something else be logged to achieve t

How an attacker could conceal the route

If there is no room left (because the packet has passed through 30 routers), the router does not insert its address. Describe how an attacker could conceal the route that th

Describing the allowed transformations of the matrix

Should members of the SSO class be allowed to apply the change right to members of that class? Justify your answer. In particular, state what damage could occur if this were


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