Benefits of business ethics-development of business ethics

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1. Identify and discuss what you believe to be the most strategic external environment scanning factor that could have the biggest impact on your Strategic Audit firm in the next five years. Explain what you think your Strategic Audit firm can do to work with this external factor to stay competitive. The company is Boeing.

2. Write a brief essay between 250-500 words (excluding the title and reference page) that defines business ethics, analyzes the benefits of business ethics and the development of business ethics.

3. Please describe why ethics are important in strategy and then describe an organization that failed to be ethical.

Reference no: EM132188976

Determine the effectiveness of these efficiency measures

Efficiency is a critical element both in terms of individuals and machinery in any business. Describe some efficiency measures that you would implement in your grocery deliver

Differ from the rational choice paradigm

Explain why people differ from the rational choice paradigm when identifying problems/opportunities, evaluating/choosing alternatives, and evaluating decision outcomes; and ap

Entirely different organization-still be outstanding leader

Could an outstanding leader in one organization move into an entirely different organization and still be an outstanding leader? For example, could a great football coach with

Significant effect of culture on the structure and strategy

What is the most significant effect of culture on the structure and strategy of an organization? Why? What are the principal strategic advantages or disadvantages of having se

Leaders who consider leadership their vocation

Leaders who consider leadership their vocation consider it a service to others and for the common good. how do you intend to implement leaderhip as a service to others that pr

About the dividend reinvestment plan

The CEO suggested that tit might be a good idea for the firm to begin a dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP) because he believes that the company is a good investment and that mo

Multi-service aviation business and including fuel

Earhart Aviation operates a multi-service aviation business, including fuel, aircraft maintenance, charter flights, aircraft rentals, and flight instruction. Not only should t

Using weighted moving average with weights

Sales of a particular product (in thousands of dollars) for the years 2009 through 2012 have been 45, 54, 65, and 73, respectively. What sales would you predict for 2013 using


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