Benefits of a comprehensive approach to literacy instruction
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Paragraph 4-5: Reflect on what you have learned about teaching special needs and English Language Learners throughout Units 1-9.

What are some modifications or accommodations you have learned about that can be used to enhance literacy experiences of these children?

Be sure to describe several examples for special needs students and several examples for English Language Learners.

Paragraph 4 should focus on special needs students and paragraph 5 should focus on English Language Learners.


Write a concluding paragraph summarizing the benefits of a comprehensive approach to literacy instruction and why it is an effective philosophy.

Also include any personal connections you have made to this course's content and how you can apply your learning to the field of early childhood development.

In what way has this course helped to enhance your competence as an early childhood professional?


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With the learning for effective teaching strategies that can support special needs of children as well as their proficiency inthe English language, I have realised that students failfor avariety of reasons, among which limitation for English is one of the common cause(Halle, 2012).

Of note, the learning difficulties among the children becomes more significant if the instructions are not modified to address the specific needs of students. I realised that firstly, the educator needs to distinguish among the class for the students having difficulties in learning and that the reason is attributed to alimitation in English. According to McCaleb(2013), many of the students face disadvantage due to inappropriate assessment instruments and lack of trained educators who can conduct accurate linguistic and culturally relevant educational evaluations.

The factors that are crucial to thesuccess of students having difficulty in English language learning can thus effectively managing by early detection and providing one-to-one interaction(McLean, Sandall & Smith, 2016).

The focus on thespecial need of students can be articulated when the educators frame partnership with parents. The rationale behind this is that sustainable monitoring and tracking the progress in learning of children can only be monitored if parents and teachers both provide optimal support (McLean, Sandall & Smith, 2016).

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