Benefits and risks of caterpillar line extensions

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Case I - product Development


1. Why is it so important for Caterpillar to develop new products on a regular basis?

2. Why is Caterpillar so careful to test-market its products prior to commercialization?

3. What are some of the benefits and risks of Caterpillar's line extensions?

Case II - Starbucks Refines the Customer Experience


1. In terms of situational influences and level of involvement, what are the benefits of mobile pay?

2. With Evolution Fresh, which psychological influences on consumer buying decision does Starbucks seem to be addressing?

3. Why would Starbucks want customers to know that it believes in social responsibility?

Reference no: EM13888731

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Explain a 24 hour daycare center issues of productivity

Explain a 24 hour daycare center issues of productivity and Discuss how these operations issues interact with each other and In what ways do these operations issues interact

Define the three parts of marketing strategy development

What four major psychological factors influence a customer's buying choices? Define the three parts of "Marketing strategy development." A company's products are born, grow,

State your short-term marketing objectives

Create a Mission Statement. State your short-term MARKETING objectives (one year). Assume that the product/service is ready to launch at the beginning of the year (planning


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