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Mandatory assessment:

Review means that each student should look at the video, read the recommended text and record a response as follows:

For each week of materials you are asked to prepare two paragraphs:

The first should contain the key ideas from the materials - not a summary - you must select the key ideas (most important) and talk about them.

The second paragraph should identify an organisation which would benefit from the application of these ideas and explain how the ideas should be applied.


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E-Learning is a new way of learning online through computer devices and other media elements. This concept of e-learning is getting popular day by day among people. For business organizations and educational institutions,this tool of communication has become so much popular. E-Learning is a wide concept and consists of various key ideas that can be beneficial for us. E-Learning basically consists of interactive activities that are related to computers and interactive networks. Here computer no need to be centralized system for providing learning material. Actually both networking and computer system contribute in the implementation of E-Learning. Here in this report we will discuss various key ideas that we can get from E-Learning.

E-Learning is concerned to provide knowledge and guidance to the people online by representing information content in the form of images, text and other media elements. While implementing this concept of e-learning we got knowledge about following key

• Learning Management Systems
• Usage of Cloud Computing

E-Learning is a best way to manage the learning process. As we have discussed above that business organizations and educational institutions are commonly used this concept of e-learning. They implement this because through this they can share information and communicate with each other. The scope of E-Learning is wide enough and various administrator tools are used for this implementation. E-Learning tools consists of Open Source and developer can do modifications in this is open source according to requirements. E-Learning is an effective and easy to learn way for students and other trainees. People do not get bore while implementing this concept of E-Learning

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