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Appearing on “best places to work” lists can increase an employer’s popularity, even among lower qualified applicants. The increased volume of applicants can be costly and time consuming. What do you feel are the benefits and drawbacks to being on this type of list? Do you think that it is generally beneficial to be publicly recognized as a good employer? Why or why not?

Reference no: EM131422089

Poisson arrivals and exponential service times model

Schips Department Store operates a fleet of 3 trucks. The trucks arrive at random times throughout the day at the store's truck dock to be loaded with new deliveries or to hav

Demand during lead time is assumed to be uniform

McBurger orders ground meat at the start of each week to cover the week’s demand which is 300 lbs. The fixed cost per order is $20. It costs about $0.01 per lb. per day to ref

To which segment of the general environment

To which segment of the general environment does each of the following trends belong? Which industries or companies will be largely impacted by these trends? Is the impact neg

Company achieving sustained competitive advantage

Will a capability that creates value to end users and its contributions allow a company to produce a product or service that is of worth to end users necessarily result in the

Some of the elements of a country political environment

Discuss some of the important business issues that can cause legal problems for global marketers. What are some of the elements of a country's political environment can impact

When could it become destructive and unproductive

It is quite natural to favor one’s own country over a foreign one. To what extent can ethnocentrism be considered a normal reaction, and when could it become destructive and u

Many of whom are working their first health care job

As the clinic manager of the Berkeley College student-health center, you lead a team of eight nurses and nursing aides, many of whom are working their first health care job. D

Internal assessment fit with the strategic planning process

How does internal assessment fit with the Strategic Planning process? discuss what you believe are the ties between internal assessment and employee development? What are the


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