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Strategy and Policy in Business Select the correct response for each question.

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1. A fundamental attribute of TQM is

A. Drawing control charts B. Having team meetings C. Top management's direct involvement D. Meeting ISO 9000 audit E. All of the above

2. Process capability = 1 indicates that

A. Suppliers can be trusted B. Workers are motivated C. Process is in control D. There are no random variations E. Some fraction of production is outside specs

3. Drawing control charts requires

A. Calculation of statistics from data B. Adjusting the machines C. Top management involvement D. Meetings with suppliers E. A steading hand writing on the white board

4. Vision states

A. Where the workers want to go after work B. Whether we should use SPC C. Whether we should us inspection D. Where the company wants to be in the long run E. That customers are the boss

5. A stakeholder is generally

A. Someone who manages the company B. People who run the company's payroll C. Interested in the success of the enterprise D. Only the customer E. Only the vendor

6. Team orientation means

A. Workers having lunch with their families B. Workers getting daily briefing C. Working collectively toward a common goal D. Cooperation with government regulators E. ISO 9000 orientation meetings  

7. Benchmarking determines

A. Customer requirements B. Process capability C. How the company is doing relative to others D. Getting the ISO 9000 audit done E. If management is motivated

8. Quality management requires

A. ISO 9000 certification B. Workers not working overtime C. Printing promotional brochures D. Keeping internal customers satisfied E. Keeping oil off the floor

9. The role of R&D is

A. To improve working conditions in the lab B. To keep top management informed of the competition C. To regularly study control charts D. To determine how processes work E. To keep the company competitive

10. Six Sigma implies

A. A statistical method B. A trouble-shooting method C. Teams are effective D. 3 defects per million in output E. A level in which one earns a belt in Karate

11. Strategy implies

A. What level of quality the customers want B. What the company has to do to reach its vision C. How competitive we are in business D. Practices on the shop floor E. Workers can talk to management

12. The best strategy in quality is

A. To inspect the output before shipment B. To aim to produce on target C. To check machines every day D. To keep workers relaxed E. To hold training meetings every week

Reference no: EM132234422

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