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When can an employee’s religious belief qualify as a bona fide occupational qualification? Do you believe religious hiring is BFOQ? Can a person claim to be discriminated against because of his or her spouse's national origin? Multimatrix, Inc., has decided to phase out its production of cassette tapes and VHS tapes in favor of CDs and DVDs. Of the company’s 224 workers, 95% are over the age of 40. Because it is fully staffed, Multimatrix cannot transfer these workers to other positions. Multimatrix is fearful of a class action lawsuit under the ADEA. What advice would you give Multimatrix?

Reference no: EM131001157

What are the conditions for perfectly competitive market

What are the conditions for a perfectly competitive market? What are the conditions for a monopolistic market? What are the conditions for a monopolistic competitive market? W

Make sure that you show your work on each circumstance

ead the information in your notes and at WorldWideWebTax to decide. Make sure that you show your work on each circumstance and the overall benefit of standard versus itemizi

Inflation has traditionally been concern of federal reserve

Inflation has traditionally been a concern of the Federal Reserve. Recently, there has been the possibility of deflation. Should the Fed be concerned with deflation of prices?

Consider corrupt provincial government

Consider a corrupt provincial government in which each housing inspector examines two newly built structures each week. All the builders in the province are unethical and want

Perfectly competitive firm maximizes profits

A perfectly competitive firm maximizes profits or minimizes losses in the short run by producing at the output level at which: Without a_________________________ of pricing ,

Face of decline in the liquidity of alternative assets

Using a graph, illustrate and discuss what actions a Central Bank might do to keep interest rates constant in the face of a decline in the liquidity of alternative assets? - C

Considering new bottle-capping machine

A company is considering a new bottle-capping machine. The initial cost of the machine is 300,000 SR and it has a 20 year life. Yearly maintenance cost is estimated to be 1500

Explain by how much gdp increase if there are abor-force

If the average worker produces $80,000 of GDP, explain by how much will GDP increase if there are 150 million labor-force participants and the unemployment rate drops from 5


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