Behavioral vs. cognitive-behavioral perspectives
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Jake is performing below grade level in school in reading and was just retained at the end of his 3rd grade year. His parents are concerned and want to understand why Jake seems to be “struggling.” They have started to become frustrated and feel that he is doing poorly due to lack of effort. This has created tension in the household because Jake has had to stop several extracurricular curricular activities, such as the science club (a subject Jake excels at) and soccer (which is run by his favorite teacher). Jake has begun to feel discouraged because he believes that he’ll “never get anywhere with the brain I’ve got…Just thinking about school makes me jittery. I’m afraid I’ll say something stupid in class and everyone will laugh at me.” He frequently misses school due to complaints about stomachaches and headaches, especially on days when he has a test. His mother identifies with Jake’s anxiety, since she also suffered from text anxiety in school, and allows Jake to stay home when he is not feeling well. Jake’s assessment reveals that he is of average intelligence with similar verbal and nonverbal IQ scores. Mathematics testing shows skills above grade level and within expectations based on his IQ; reading and writing scores are significantly below expected levels, falling approximately 1 ½ standard deviations below mean (at about an 80).

Compare/Contrast the focus and approach to treatment that would be taken by behavioral vs. cognitive-behavioral perspectives

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