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A Digital Avatar Already Was Born in Online.

                According to our life is becoming increasingly being transformed into online, digital problem is going to become the most important issue to us. Unfortunately, this is not being solved. People could reserve ahotel room, and purchase an item, or watch news by one mouse click. However, People also could get painful because of internet bullying from anonymous people, and a stranger could search others information such as a name, address, and credit card numbers. Moreover, they could know where people were and what people were doing with social media, or a teenager could not enter college because of bad online behavior. Someday, "Digital selves" will determine our future, so people should prepare for harmful influence by "digital selves." Individuals should be more clean about, and no one should bring a person into ridicule in online, and a guardian should teach his or herchildren about theonline rightcharacter since early years.

                In 2008, Jin-Sil Choi, Korean celebrity destroyed herself because of internet bullying. Even though online cannot see each other, people should not bring a person into ridicule in online. As long as digital selves is another their themselves, the government should impose real-name policy to deter internet bullying and encourage internet users to act responsibly while participating chat room, message boards, and other online activities.Even if it is not illegal, people should act responsibly in onlineas thesame way as people act in thereal world.The Chinese government is currently implementing a countrywide electronic system called social credit system which will base on various criteria, ranging from financial credibility and criminal record to social media behavior (Henk Brandsma 1).  The reason China government will enforce the law that is they agree with "Digital selves" became their alter ego."Keyboard Warrior" that means a Person who, being unable to express his anger through physical violence, instead manifests said emotions through the text-based medium of the internet, usually in the form of aggressive writing that the Keyboard Warrior would not be able to give form to in real life will be regretful for what one has done when online bad activity affects real word.

                From a young age, many children attend academies, to further their education because their guardians want their children to get the experience and expertise out there as well. However, not many guardians had concerned about online education. Their guardians did not recognize the importance of "Digital selves." Apple CEO Tim Cook warned that people might like these so-called free services, but they do not think they are worth having email, their search history and now even their family photos data-mined and sold off for God knows what advertising purpose (Kevin Maney 14). Therefore, their negligence could result a stranger could masquerade under casual user's name in online. It is possible to get theharmful effect in actual world because of their negligence. That is the reality now, and that is the reality for the foreseeable future. So, learning the importance of digital selves since a young age is becoming a highly significant and primary education in the technological world.

                People are not necessary to announce how many folk I have in their house.Online is the same. Good or bad, most people have a digital self because of using social network service.  For not having bad influence from online, protecting online privacy is the most importantbehavior that people have to do. If internet users sign up fora website without reading their policy that is about an agreement of provide their information that is personal information what people use for sign up. If people want to protect privacy, people should be more clear about why it is important (Jathan Sadowski 1). Not only a stranger use their information, a company that is an one of the place could track their employee or the government or a bank where people will give a loan could search them before they grant a loan. Therefore, a social network service user has to provide their private life acquaintance because online behavior could change state like buying house, car health of life will be completely dependent on the behavior of his or her digital selves.

Reference no: EM13867249

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