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Because of environmental concerns, your plant must install an acetone recovery system. Your task is to calculate the size of the various components of the system, which includes an absorpotion tank into which is fed 1.25(103) kg of water per hour and 7.00(103)kg of air containing 1.63% acetone. The water absorbs the acetone and the purified air is expelled. The water and acetone solution go to a distillation process where the solution is vaporized and then fed to a condenser. The resulting product is 98.9% acetone and 1.10% water. The bottoms(waste) of the distillation process contain 4.23% acetone and 95.77% water. To assist in the determination of the volume of a holding tank, calculate how much product is generated in kilograms per hour.

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Reference no: EM13261893

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