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Creek Ratz is a very popular restaurant located along the coast of northern Florida. They serve a variety of steak and seafood dinners. During the summer beach season, they do not take reservations or accept a call seating. Management of the restaurant is concerned with the time a patron must wait before being seated for dinner. Listed below is the wait time, in minutes, for the 25 tables seated last Saturday night.

28 39 23 67 37 28 56 40 28 50

51 45 44 65 61 27 24 61 34 44

64 25 24 27 29

a. Explain why the times are a population.

b. Find the mean and median of the times.

c. Find the range and the standard deviation of the times

Reference no: EM1392759

Difference between quantitative and mixed methods

Describe the difference between quantitative and mixed methods, what are the general advantages and disadvantages of the two research approaches featured in the articles.

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Type the above data into the SPSS Data Editor window, or save this file as an unformatted text file and write SPSS syntax to read it in.

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Find the equation of the regression line. What is the predicted value when x = 4? Is the correlation significant at 5% significance level (95% confidence level)? Why or why no


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