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1. Chilara’s Pizza established a basic division of labor among “chefs” and “food services” in which chefs perform all tasks involved in actual cooking, and food servers carry out all tasks involved in giving food to the customers. Chiara’s Pizza implemented

Job design

A matrix structure

A divisional structure

A product structure

2. Laura is a corporate manager who has 13 employees reporting directly to her. Those 13 employees represent Lauras.

unity of direction

span of control

unity of command

chain of command

3. Joseph loves to volunteer every week at the Grand mall store. It makes his feel good to give back to the community. He is likely motivated by ___ rewards.






4. A characteristic of service is

it is tangible.

it is dependent on tight control of procedure.

service "inventorying" such as waiting lines are common.

it is experience for the guest and performance for the staff.

5. Which of the following explains Hackman and Oldha’s theory of how the job characteristics model affects three critical psychological states?

1) The more employees feel that they are responsible for work outcomes and for knowing how those outcomes affect others, the more motivating their work becomes

2) The more employees feel that they are responsible for work outcomes and how it affects their positions in the company, the less motivating their work becomes

3) The more employees are given work responsibility, the more frustrated they become because they know that they will never get additional remuneration for it

4) The more employees feel that they are being used efficiently by the company, the more their expectation of better compensation and higher position increases.

Reference no: EM132233806

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