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1. Write about chemical spill regulations in the United States under OSHA and compare this with Bhopal incident. What elements are similar or different? something could have been used to prevent the accident?

2. Select one company and determine if its marketing strategy is based on global marketing or international marketing. Explain. This writing assignment should be completed in the standard APA format. Upload the assignment to the proper assignment folder.

3. What organization do you think is demonstrating innovation? Why do you think they are innovative? What are examples for their creativity and innovation? Please explain in depth.

Reference no: EM132234640

Approximated using poisson distribution

Demand for devil’s food whipped-cream layer cake at a local pastry shop can be approximated using a Poisson distribution with a mean of five per day. The manager estimates it

Health care organizations operational unit

You are managing a health care organization's operational unit and a major HIPAA compliance issue occurred in which outbound faxes have been sent to 200 incorrect numbers. Who

What are the desired outcomes for evergreen

What are the desired outcomes for Evergreen? What should Evergreen wish to accomplish with its order entry system? How do we know if the order entry system is working well

Handling out-of-scope work is difficult under fixed-price

Handling out-of-scope work is difficult under a fixed-price contract because you are working outside of the scope and you could have a lot of unpredictable costs and schedules

What variables might explain or predict an outcome

What variables might explain or predict an outcome in your department or life. If you generated a regression equation, how would you interpret it and the residuals from it

Operating system as dominant technical standard in industry

You are working for a small company that has developed an operating system for PCs that is faster and more stable than Microsoft’s Windows operating system. What strategies mi

Computed for the mean length of a computer chip resulting

A manufacturer of computer chips has a computer hardware company as its largest customer. The computer hardware company requires all of its chips to meet specifications of 1.2

Discusses levels of abstraction of requirements

Discusses the “Levels of Abstraction” of requirements.  A business function describes what needs to bedone, whereas a business process describes how it can be done. For exampl


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