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Your neighbor lives in a 2500-square-foot (about 250 m2) older house heated by natural gas. The current gas heater was installed in the early 1970s and has an efficiency (called the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating, or AFUE) of 65 percent. It is time to replace the furnace, and the neighbor is trying to decide between a conventional furnace that has an efficiency of 80 percent and costs $1500 and a highefficiency furnace that has an efficiency of 95 percent and costs $2500. Your neighbor offered to pay you $100 if you help him make the right decision. Considering the weather data, typical heating loads, and the price of natural gas in your area, make a recommendation to your neighbor based on a convincing economic analysis.

Reference no: EM131091521

Estimate the rate of heat loss from the duct

For an uninsulated duct whose average surface tem- perature is 50°C, estimate the rate of heat loss from the duct. The surface emissivity and convection coefficient are appr

Find an expression for rate of heat loss as a function

find an expression for rate of heat loss as a function of the other three parameters in the problem. (b) If the temperature difference ? T doubles, by what factor does the r

Determine the reactions at a and b

The rectangular plate shown weighs 75 lb and is held in the position shown by hinges at A and B and by cable EF. Assuming that the hinge at B does not exert any axial thrust

Determine the free convection heat transfer

The plate described in Problem 9.14 has been used in an  experiment  to  determine  the  free  convection  heat transfer  coefficient.  At  an  instant  of  time  when  the

How many liters of bio-oil can be generated

How many liters of bio-oil can be generated with Iowa's 2009 corn stover yield? Use appropriate data from Quick Stats, a 65 wt.% yield of bio-oil from corn stover, and a bio

Mass fractions of the contents are in the liquid phase

The professor takes a 3 liter empty can and fills it with saturated water vapor at 100 deg. C, 1 atm. He seals the can and immerses it in ice water. If the can is perfectly ri

How many defects and defective units would they produce

In the previous problem, if the foundry desired to improve its quality performance to the 5.0 sigma level in all three measures of DPM, how many defects and defective units

Find the total heat transfer in the cooler

A cooler in an air conditioner brings 0.5 kg/s air at 35oC to 5oC, both at 101 kPa and it then mix the output with a flow of 0.25 kg/s air at 20oC, 101 kPa sending the combi


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