Bankruptcy reports are retained in credit bureaus

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1. The discharge in a Chapter 7 does not affect _______ amongst other non-dischargeable debts. A) Alimony; B) Child Support; C) debts not disclosed in court; D) all of the above

2. If a debtor _________________ then certain debts, that are non-dischargeable under Chapter 7 (straight bankruptcy), can be discharged in Chapter 13 (or the wage earner plan) bankruptcy.   (A) Makes a good faith attempt to pay, B) successfully completes the plan, C) all of the above.

3. Bankruptcy reports are retained in credit bureaus for _ years. A) 5 B) 7 C) 10 D) 15.

4. The author considers some ____________ an unwise financial decision because of their cost. (A) New car warranties (B) service contracts (C) written warranties (D) all of the above.

5. You can use Kelly Blue Book or Edmund’s to help determine a _____for a used car and prepare to negotiate with the seller. A) fair price, B) market price, C) efficient price, D) best price

6. Because of excess mileage, certain repairs or they turn the car in early, or a move to another state; some consumers who have leased a car find themselves paying additional charges at the end of the lease. According to the author his is a major __________________ to leasing a car. A) deterrent, B) drawback, C) disadvantage, D) none of the above

Reference no: EM13961957

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