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A mother wants to invest $8000.00 for her son's future education. She invests a portion of the money in a bank certificate of deposit (CD account) which earns 4% and the remainder in a savings bond that earns 7%. If the total interest earned after one year is $ 480.00, how much money was invested in the CD account?

Reference no: EM131435584

Examine advantages of financing with portfolio of currencies

Compare two methods that a company can use in order to finance international trade. Examine the advantages and disadvantages of financing with a portfolio of currencies.

What was the amount of credit sales during may

On April 30, Victor Services had an Accounts Receivable balance of $26,800. During the month of May, total credits to Accounts Receivable were $61,600 from customer payments

Prepare the amortization schedule

Using Excel, prepare the amortization schedule and then record all required journal entries that would be made by Barker on the following dates (a) December 31, 20123 (b) Ma

What is the implied value of the warrants attached

Neubert also has outstanding $1,000 par value 15-year straight debt with a 7% coupon paid annually, also trading for $1,000. What is the implied value of the warrants attach

At what effective interest rate are these terms equivalent

The price of a machine is $3,500, the dealer will accept a $1,200 down payment and 24 end-of-month monthly payments of $110 each. At what effective interest rate are these t

Us treasury bond yield

Find out the amount of the coupon interest payment you would receive each year if you bought the bond? Find out the bond's Yield to Maturity, or YTM, assuming you purchased it

Optimal debt-to-asset ratio

Suppose that a company with total assets of $1,000 pays a corporate tax rate of 30%, and that its bankruptcy cost function is given by k(D) = 0.0005D2. What is the optimal d

What is the conversion price pc

Convertible debentures for Kulik Corp. were issued at their $1,000 par value in 2012. At any time prior to maturity on February 1, 2032, a debenture holder can exchange a bo


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