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Part A1

Provide an executive summary of your company's background relating to business structure, operations, services and all other business activities that are conducted, etc.

Part A2

Use the annual report for the year ending 2013 & 2014. Your group will need to review the major sections of this report in order to familiarize yourselves with the content of each of the financial statements and appropriate notes to the financial statements.

Review the balance sheet of the company and indicate the amount of the following:

a) Total current assets
b) Total non-current assets
c) Total current liabilities
d) Total non-current liabilities
e) Total stockholder's equity

Compare the above figures with the previous year and compute the percentage increase or decrease and comment on the comparative financial condition of the company.

Part A3

Review the income statement and indicate the following:

a) Total (operating) revenues
b) Cost of Goods Sold (if relevant)
c) Total expenses (before income taxes)
d) Any non-operating (or extraordinary) gains and losses
e) Earnings per common share

Compare the above figures with the previous year and compute the percentage increase or decrease and comment on the comparative financial operation of the company.

Part A4

Review the statement of cash flows for the most recent year and indicate the following:

a) net cash inflow (outflow) from operating activities
b) net cash inflow (outflow) from financing activities
c) net cash inflow (outflow) from investing activities
d) net increase (decrease) in cash during the year

Analyse the Cash Flow Statements for the last 2 years and comment on the cash position of the company.

Part A5

Review the stockholders' equity section in your chosen company's most recent year-end balance sheet and compare that with the previous year-end balance sheet. Compare percentage increase or decrease.

List the stockholders' equity account balances and number of outstanding shares from these two balance sheets and compute the increase or decrease for each during this past year.

Part B Financial Ratios

a) Using the same Financial Statements of the company your group has chosen, determine the profitability, activity, liquidity and leverage using all the ratios below. Use the end of the year financial statements.

b) Give a 300 word analysis for each of the following:

I. Profitability

II. Activity

III. Liquidity

IV. Financing

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Reference no: EM13738335

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