Bacteria that cause gum disease can trigger inflammation

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New research suggests a link between some microbes that normally live in the body and seemingly unrelated major illnesses. The gum disease called periodontitis itself is not life-threatening, for instance, but it is a fairly good predictor for heart attacks. Bacteria that cause gum disease can trigger inflammation. How do you suppose that this response also may be harmful to the heart?

Reference no: EM132279950

How do diatoms with their glasslike valves avoid

Diatoms are mostly asexual members of the phytoplankton. Diatoms lack any organelles that might have the 9+2 pattern. They obtain their nutrition from functional chloroplast

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What are the steps in enzyme-substrate reaction. The enzyme most frequently study is bovine alkaline phosphatase. Alkaline phosphatase hydrolyze the artificial substrate p

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1) Which spectral type has the hottest stars? Which has the coolest stars? 2) As we go from cooler stars to hotter stars, what happens to the Main Sequence life span? 3) How d

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Also glucose technically doesn't have a carbonyl functional group then because it is broken when the ring structure is formed? Is it a random chance that either alpha or beta

Explain how one would estimate the population to be

To measure the population density of Monarch butterflies occupying a particular park, 100 butterflies are captured, marked with small dot on a wing, then released, the next

What kinds of dietary suggestions might be made

A friend of yours is complaining that every time he eats ice cream, a good cheesey pizza, or really, any dairy products, he experiences very painful abdominal cramping, gas,

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Recall that DNA is made from a sequence of four nucleotides that differ in terms of which nitrogen base A,T,G,C is present in each nucleotide. Suppose you have a region of DNA

Using the van der waals equation

1. What is the ratio of the average kinetic energy of SO2 molecule to that of an O2 molecule in a mixture of two gases? What is the ratio of the root mean square speeds, urm


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