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Exploring Capstone - Student Discounts

Project Description: You are a student employee of your college's Student Success department. A previous employee created a presentation for students to view while they are waiting for their advisor. The goal of the presentation is to raise student awareness about available savings and discounts. You decide to modify the original slide show to add additional information and visual impact. You will insert and modify an image, a SmartArt graphic, and a reused slide containing a table.

Instructions: For the purpose of grading the project you are required to perform the following tasks:

1. Start PowerPoint. Download and open exploring_pcap_grader_h1_Discounts.pptx. Save the presentation as exploring_pcap_grader_h1_Discounts_solution.

2. Create a Notes and Handouts header and footer with the date to update automatically, Janice Compton in the header, and Dr. T. Nichols in the footer.

3. Insert a new slide after Slide 4 with the Title and Content layout. On the new Slide 5, type Travel Savings in the title placeholder. Enter the following as Level 1 bullets in the content placeholder.

Airfare discounts
Rail passes
Global phones

4. Apply the Retrospect Theme and select the green (second) variant. Change the color theme to Green Yellow.

5. On Slide 5, insert the downloaded picture file exploring_pcap_grader_h1_Rooftops.jpg.

6. Change the width of the picture to 3" and the height to 2". Deselect the Lock aspect ratio option, if necessary.

7. Align the picture to the bottom of the slide. Right align the picture on the slide. Apply the Picture Style Simple Frame, Black.

8. On Slide 2, insert the Horizontal Scroll shape.

9. Change the width of the shape to 2.5" and the height to 1.75". Position the shape so that the top left corner is aligned with the 2.5-inch mark to the right of 0 on the horizontal ruler and the 0.5-inch below 0 on the vertical ruler.

10. Type Use a search engine to find "Software Discounts" in the shape.

11. Select both the Explosion1 shape and the Horizontal Scroll shape and align them by their middles. Group the shapes.

12. Make sure the shapes are still selected and apply the shape style Light 1 Outline - Colored Fill - Blue Accent 6.

13. Click Slide 1. Select the text in the title placeholder and apply the WordArt style Fill - Black, Text 1, Outline - Background 1, Hard Shadow - Background 1.

14. Switch to the VIEW tab, select the Outline View, select the subtitle placeholder text for Slide 1, and then delete it. Switch to Normal view.

15. Click the DESIGN tab and access the Format Background options so that you can select a picture fill. On Slide 1, format the background using an online picture found by searching for the term Dollars and inserting a picture of your choosing. Change the transparency to 20%.

16. On Slide 1, insert the downloaded audio clip exploring_pcap_grader_h1_Techno.MID.

17. Change the audio clip playback from On Click to start Automatically. Check the Loop until Stopped audio option and the Play Across Slides option. Align the sound icon to the bottom of the slide. Left align the sound icon on the slide.

18. Switch to the HOME tab and use the Reuse Slides feature to add the slide in exploring_pcap_grader_h1_Tips.pptx to the end of the presentation.

19. Select the table on the new Slide 6 and set the height of all the rows to 1". Center align the text in the table. Apply the Medium Style 1 table style to the table.

20. Move the table so that its top-left corner aligns with the 1-inch mark above the 0 on the vertical ruler. Center align the table on the slide.

21. Insert a new slide after Slide 6 using the Title and Content layout. Type Free Stuff in the title placeholder.

22. On the new Slide 7, insert a Vertical Box List SmartArt graphic. Type Ringtones in the top shape, Online video games in the middle shape, and Magazines and samples in the bottom shape.

23. Change the SmartArt layout to a Horizontal Bullet List and change the SmartArt style to Inset (3-D category).

24. Change the height to 5" and the width to 12". Align the SmartArt graphic to the bottom of the slide. Center align the SmartArt on the slide.

25. Apply the Fly In animation (Entrance category) to the SmartArt. Change the sequence of the animation to the One by One effect.

26. Spell-check the presentation and correct any misspelled words. Ignore the message that appears for PacSun. Click Slide 2. Use the Thesaurus to replace the word generally with the third option in the list.

27. Apply the Cube transition. Change the transition timing so that all slides advance automatically after 8 seconds. Apply the transition to all slides.

28. Save the presentation, and then close PowerPoint. Submit the file as directed.

Attachment:- Assignment.rar

Reference no: EM13980816

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