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An OSHA inspector is conducting a compliance inspection of a soft drink bottling plant. As she walks around she notices large vats of liquids, some of which have labels that say "Ingredient 4 – Avoid Eye Contact", and "Ingredient 7- Avoid Skin Contact". Worried that the vats may pose a health hazard to the workers mixing the concentrated drink ingredients, the OSHA Inspector asks the employer for the chemical formulation of the Ingredients 4 and 7 and any associated injury records. The employer indicates the ingredients are 'proprietary' or 'secret' and refuses to provide them to the Inspector. What would the OSHA Inspector need to do to get access to those records?

Reference no: EM131039311

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One of the main products of the Fairway Woods Company is custom-made golf clubs. The CIO from Fairway Woods Company has created a spreadsheet for you of the shipping costs fro


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