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Exercise 1: Coffee Shop New Chain Rollout

Directions: You are a brand new coffee chain, Average Joes competing to make an impact on the coffee industry through an application similar to Starbucks.com. You are required to provide a design of the program that includes: a pseudocode, and a complete Visual Basic code (notating all inputs and outputs).


The initial screen must be a splash screen the displays the name, Average Joes, a logo, the current date, and the founder of Average Joes, Joe Smith.

From the initial splash screen, the application should transition to a main form that has the same logo and a menu at the top.

The menu should show Order Coffee as the first menu item, display the Promotions, and the option to Exit. When the customer clicks the first option, a form to order the coffee of their choice will be displayed, the second option displays any current promotions. When they click on Exit, the application will display the message, "Average Joes, there's nothing average about our coffee".

When the customer selects the menu option to Order Coffee, a new form would appear, which automatically closes the other form. On this form should contain the following components:

A textbox to allow them to enter the number of coffees they wish to order.

Three radio buttons to allow the customer to select the coffee cup size, the first option is a small for 2.00, the second option is medium for 3.50, and the third option is large for 5.00.

Two additional radio buttons for the temperature of the coffee, either hot or cold.

- Display a message that to upsize the beverage is .50 extra and additional syrup is .75 extra, the large size cannot be upsized.

Display a 7 check boxes for the following flavor syrups: Vanilla, Chocolate, Orange, Raspberry, Caramel, Mocha or None.

Add a button that displays the message, Make my Coffee!

When the button is pressed, automatically add the choices starting with the coffee price, then the cup size in addition to any extra flavor syrups they chose.

You are to then close this order form and open another to display the selections.

In this form (called from step 3 to display the selections, put the same menu at the top as is on the first form in step 2:

Add a combo box of phone number on the screen where the person will select their phone number.Below this combo box, add a button that displays, Show Order.

The next form is to display the daily promotions. This form will replicate the menu from the form in step 2 to the top.

Include a label informing the customer to select which, if any, promotions they want. The customer is required to click the Calculate Total button displayed at the bottom of this form, to calculate the quantity of selected items and the applicable cost.

Upon clicking the Calculate Total button, the customer is shown the quantity of selected items and the total including tax. Please use 8% as the tax for this program.

For every amount entered in a text box, it must be validated in a subprogram, and the customer must select a cup size and flavor syrup type for the coffee order.

Exercise 2: The Basic Calculator

Directions: In this exercise, you are going to create a basic calculator (similar to the calculator program in your computer.) You are required to provide a design of the program that includes: a pseudocode, and a complete Visual Basic code (notating all inputs and outputs).Requirements:

The calculator is required to possess functions that allow the user to add, subtract, multiple, and divide multiple numbers. In addition, the function for percentages must be present. The function to allow the user to both store and clear out the memory must be available.

Reference no: EM13969532

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