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When a person stops breathing, oxygen in the bloodstream becomes rapidly depleted. As existing ATP is used, cells begin to die because aerobic respiration cannot produce more ATP. Considering what you have learned about the first few reactions of glycolysis, can you suggest why cells die, rather than arresting (or freezing) until new oxygen becomes available to restart aerobic respiration?

Reference no: EM132280099

How the adaptations found in seed plants allowed

Scientists surmise that an early charophyte-like alga is theancestor of land plants. Starting with bryophytes, describespecific features that evolved in this group of plants

Explain how the recommendation benefits the ecosystem

Explore and analyze one keystone species, the gray wolf, and its influence on the ecosystem in and around Yellowstone National Park in the United States. Explain how the rec

Kind of zip code to direct large proteins

What experinment suggested that a particular tail sequence of amino acids served as a kind of "zip code" to direct large proteins such as nucleoplasmin into the nucleus? Is th

Effect medication by age

The information presented in Problem seven are analyzed using multiple linear regression analysis and the models are shown here. In the models, the data are coded as 1= new.

The physiology of one of these senses

Slacklining is the act of walking across a suspended nylon strap tied between two vertical anchor points - List the senses used to maintain an upright position while slacklin

Female with a pmhx significant for htn

Mrs. White is a 55 yo female with a PMHx significant for HTN, and DM type 1.  She was admitted for abdominal pain.  A CT scan revealed appendicitis.  Her home medications incl

Reflect your understanding of three macronutrients discussed

Create a PowerPoint presentation of no more than 15 slides that reflect your understanding of the three macronutrients discussed in this module: Carbohydrates, Lipids, and P

Affect biodiversity in both animal and plant in near future

Social and ethical implication without your personal view provide an analysis of it social and ethical implication state the ethical concern apparent in the use of this techno


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