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When a person stops breathing, oxygen in the bloodstream becomes rapidly depleted. As existing ATP is used, cells begin to die because aerobic respiration cannot produce more ATP. Considering what you have learned about the first few reactions of glycolysis, can you suggest why cells die, rather than arresting (or freezing) until new oxygen becomes available to restart aerobic respiration?

Reference no: EM132280099

What is your opinion on the use of antibiotic

What is your opinion on the use of antibiotics? Have you ever experienced a time when an antibiotic was resistant to a bacterial infection? Do you choose to get an influenza v

How and why would you expect wood decay rates

1.how and why would you expect wood decay rates to compare to that of leaves? Be sure to include a description of the sequence of decaying in your answer 2. how might removal

Blood pressure in response to specific signals

Both vasopressin and the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system effect a rise in blood pressure in response to specific signals. In other words, at least one of the major effect

Ways of doing business to meet the consumers

What conclusions can you draw from your research that would demonstrate the role played by managed care in the behavioral health industry? If you were a manager of a behaviora

What number of fish could person catch during each round

What number of fish could each person catch during each round and still make a profit while not over-fishing and what strategies could people adopt to use these resources more

Inventory management from perspective of software

Please respond to Questions 1 - 11 on page 87 in Word formatting. Ensure that you use APA formatting and cite outside sources including our text. Finally, in 300 words or mo

How many hemoglobin molecules are there in a red cell

Hemoglobin content. The average volume of a red blood cell is 87 ?m3. The mean concentration of hemoglobin in red cells is 0.34 g ml?1. ( so, i have the answer key..but how

Population through conjugation, transduction and transform

Prokaryotes rise in number through asexual reproduction, brings in variation in the population   through conjugation, transduction and transformation.


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