Autonomous decrease yields a new PAE expression

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If an autonomous decrease yields a new PAE expression, PAE = 195 + 0.6Y, find equilibrium and graph it on a Keynesian cross diagram and find the multipler. Please explain.

Reference no: EM131076513

NPV and IRR calculations lead to conflicting results

NPV and IRR: Under which circumstances can the NPV and IRR calculations lead to conflicting results? Differences: What is the major reason for the difference? Preferable Metho

Higher load be sign of problems in the insurance market

Economists often assume that insurers set premiums (nearly) equal to the AFP for that plan. Is that an accurate assumption? Is a higher “load” on insurance premiums necessaril

Appropriate analysis period for problem

There are two choices for replacing a punch press. The basic model has a useful life of 8 years while the deluxe model has a useful life of 12 years. Whats the most appropri

Perceived risk on stock is lower

Assume that you require a 15% return on stocks. Compute the price of a stock that will pay a $1 dividend next year and is expected to sell for $20 in a year’s time. If your “p

What was the constant dollar percent increase in gdp

In 1988 the US gross domestic product (GDP) increased to $4.90 trillion at year end, from the 1987 year end level of 4.54 trillion in actual escalated dollar values. In the sa

What is the profit maximizing rate of output for the firm

The price of jeans in a perfectly competitive market is NOW $13. Costs are STILL as follows: Quantity 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Total Cost 10 17 26 37 50 65 82 101 122 145 170 1.

Product life cycle theory of international trade

What are the main elements of Raymond Vernon’s product life cycle theory of international trade and investment? Is Vernon’s theory still relevant in the 2010s?

Period -expressed in base-year dollars of value

Suppose that since some base year, the price index (or GDP deflator) has increased from 100 to 125. During the same time period, NOMINAL GDP has increased from $500 billion to


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